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ESEIDEABook & eBook Marketing

Book & eBook Marketing

Book & eBook Marketing

We will promote your Book on social media platforms.

Such as:

* Facebook

* Twitter

* LinkedIn

* Classified forums

* Unique social sites

And lots more.


We can NOT guarantee that you will get immediate results or read or sales and we can’t force people to like your service. However, we can reassure you that you will increase your visibility and have a greater chance of being seen by the right crowd.

Do you need to batter Organic Book ads & Marketing?

Need to grow your Book exposure?


Benefits of this service

* Increase your popularity

* Organic music promotion

* Grow your Visibility

* Delivery On-time

* Fast Service

* 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

* Organic Traffic



Blog Post
2 days Feature Section
2 Twitter Posts to 10,000+followers
Delevivery Time : 5 Day
Revisiions: Unlimited
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Blog Post
5 days Feature Section
7 Twitter Posts to 50,000+followers
Book Image Ad 5 days
Delevivery Time : 5 Day
Revisiions: Unlimited
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Blog Post
10 days Feature Section
15 Twitter Posts to 70,000+followers
Book Image Ad 14 days
Delevivery Time : 6 Day
Revisiions: Unlimited
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