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ESEIDEAUser Testing

User Testing

User Testing


We provide a custom PDF/Word/video review that highlights web design issues on your site

We will test your website/app (non-mobile) usability from a user’s point of view

In the service, we will be analyzing your:

  • Web design
  • Layout
  • Call to actions
  • The overall quality of content
  • Color scheme
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Typography
  • Browser testing in Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (v.8 or later), MS Edge, Firefox, Opera
  • Test Functionality of your site e.g subscription form, sharing issues, broken links, etc
  • Test on actual devices (iPhone 5, iPhone 6plus, Note 5, portrait & landscape modes)
  • Mobile responsiveness iPad/Tablet
  • Margins, paddings alignments
  • Heading problems

From this, we will decide if a client can without much of a stretch total your ideal activity (for example purchasing your item) and propose enhancements for how to fix these issues.

We will record a screencast so you will be able to see our screen activity and hear our voice we will constantly voice my opinions both negative and positive.


2 Pages tested
Test Scenario
3 Minutes
Test Desktop
Delivery Time: 4 days
Revisions: 1
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5 Pages tested
Test Scenario
8 Minutes
Test Desktop
Delivery Time: 4 days
Revisions: 2
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10 Pages tested
Test Scenario
15 Minutes
Test Desktop
Test Mobile
Delivery Time: 4 days
Revisions: Unlimited
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